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Apr 2, 2018

From across the pond Luke dabbles in drugs, Tom bashes baby voice and Paul laments ladders. Plus two new shit games from the people that brought you ‘Guess the bpm’.

Feb 27, 2018

The Idiots go to the Oscars and win big (kind of).
Paul gets emotional at the Pay And Display, Tom collaborates with Shaggy and The Chuckle Brothers and Luke gets nervous around the...

Aug 4, 2017

The boys are back in town! Has the world changed or have they? Tom takes a massive hit all over the music industry, Luke is a Sital-Singhspiration to teens, and Paul gets absolutely sminted in Morocco.

Jun 16, 2016

A Euro 2016 special by three men who know nothing about football. Paul goes down in the box, Luke gets two red cards and Tom never makes it off the bench. Includes terrible England football songs

Jun 2, 2016

Paul has a freak accident and nearly has to rearrange some vital body parts, Tom hates Eastenders and Luke kisses two girls on the lips.