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Dec 25, 2016

Podcast three merry, Gentlemen,

To offend and dismay,

For Idiot Check Christmas special's out upon this day.

To save poor souls from boredoms power,

and Nan's go at charades.

We bring you jingles and Trump talk and more.. (not a lot more)

Jingles of Christmas Joy.


Nov 25, 2016

Everyone hates Luke's profile pic, Paul kisses a Froggy Farage and Tom uses an elevator to find a new world. Also the big Arrival debate plus Steve's film review.


Nov 7, 2016

All three idiots reunite. Thank Christ! Paul dices with death, Luke doesn't drive and Tom dances for Dork plus Rumble In The Jingle is back!

Oct 13, 2016

In Luke's absence the remaining layabouts are reluctantly forced to excrete a tiny little Idiot Chunk to buy a bit of time with their savagely pod-hungry listeners. Little did they know a shit quiz and the discovery of some embarrassing beta jingles unfit for pod consumption would lead to an orgy of self congratulation...

Sep 30, 2016

Luke hates Bastille, Paul joins the Beach Boys (sort of), Tom stalks Noddy Holder and our temporary film correspondent Steve returns to the pod due to overwhelming unpopular demand.